Jan 152012


It’s a cold winter night in Berlin when a young woman steps out of the shower and trembles after her package of cigarettes. Empty! Desperate she begins a hunt for cigarettes. But it doesn’t start well. She locks herself out, it starts to rain, and when she finally find a cigarette machine the coin gets stuck in the machine. She goes from there, angry and shaking and partly unknowing of the strange chain of reaction, that she just started.

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Kurzfilmpreis 1997
FIPA d’argent Biarritz 1998
Certificate of Merit Bombay 1998
Grand Prix du Court Métrage, Valenciennes 1998
International Canal+ Award 1998
Danzante de Bronze de Huesca, 1998
Multicurta Award, Sao Paulo 1998

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