TV-Movie, Germany 2007

Suddenly Gina
Romantic Comedy
Movie, 1 x 90’
Directed by Maria von Heland
Written by Richard Curtis, German version Martin Rauhaus
Starring Julia Jentsch, Jan Josef Liefers, Iris Berben, Catherine Deneuve, Andrea Sawatzki, Jürgen Heinrich, Jördis Triebel, Simone Tomalla, Stefan Kurt
Produced by Egoli Tossell Film AG in cooperation with Cinema for Peace for Sat.1 in association with SevenOne International

Suddenly Gina” is a remake of the hugely successful BBC movie ”The Girl in the Café”, which was scripted by Emmy Award Winner and Oscar Nominee Richard Curtis (“Four Weddings and a Funeral”, “Notting Hill”, “Love Actually”, “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason”) and starred Bill Nighy and Kelly McDonald. “The Girl in the Café” was honored with 3 Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

Laurens is a man loyal to his job. Perhaps a little too loyal. As advisor to the German Finance Minister, Laurens spends his entire day brooding over documents. Then one day he meets an enigmatic woman named Gina, a midwife, who intrigues Laurens with her sheer vitality.

Suddenly aware of everything that has been missing from his staid and lonely life, he impulsively invites Gina to accompany him to the upcoming G8 Summit that he must attend.

Gina accepts Laurens’ unexpected invitation, and so begins the story of an unlikely love that will not only alter Laurens’ life, but possibly also the course of world politics…

It is soon obvious that the spirited Gina does not fit into the stuffy world of diplomats and economists. Gina speaks a language that most of the diplomats have long since forgotten – the language of the heart. It is a language that enchants Laurens, despite the turmoil it threatens to bring into his life.

As the gentle love story between Laurens and Gina develops, the bureaucrat hardly recognizes himself. He is in seventh heaven. Yet he begins to wonder – does he have the strength to stand by Gina, even when the going gets rough?

And the going soon gets rough. Gina realizes that most of the politicians at the Summit are more interested in their own petty vanities and squabbles than in reducing world poverty. As she learns more, Gina becomes increasingly outspoken at the Summit, directly challenging the reigning powers to do more to end world poverty.

For his part, Laurens is embarrassed by Gina’s outbursts, worrying that her disrespectful behavior may cost him his job – the one thing he cared most about until he met Gina. Laurens now faces a difficult choice – could he possibly give up his career for love?

CAST: Jan Josef Liefers, Julia Jentsch, Stefan Kurt, Jürgen Heinrich, Andrea Sawatzki, Iris Berben, Simone Thomalla, Jördis Triebel
DIRECTOR: Maria von Heland
SCREENPLAY: Martin Rauhaus (based on GIRL IN THE CAFE by Richard Curtis)
DoP: Gero Steffen
CASTING: Anja Dihrberg
PRODUCERS: Judy Tossell, Jaka Bizilj
IN CO-PRODUCTION WITH: Cinema for Peace and Sat. 1 GmbH
SUPPORTED BY: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB)