Jan 152012


It’s a cold winter night in Berlin when a young woman steps out of the shower and trembles after her package of cigarettes. Empty! Desperate she begins a hunt for cigarettes. But it doesn’t start well. She locks herself out, it starts to rain, and when she finally find a cigarette machine the coin gets stuck in the machine. She goes from there, angry and shaking and partly unknowing of the strange chain of reaction, that she just started.

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Kurzfilmpreis 1997
FIPA d’argent Biarritz 1998
Certificate of Merit Bombay 1998
Grand Prix du Court Métrage, Valenciennes 1998
International Canal+ Award 1998
Danzante de Bronze de Huesca, 1998
Multicurta Award, Sao Paulo 1998

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Jan 152012



Love at first sight? Not quite. The Mongolian Girl Tsatsa and the Swedish boy Ask are forced by their fathers to spend a day together in Ulan Bator. It starts out badly: A trolley bus breaks down. So does the taxi. The two get lost in a smelly yurt suburb. As the day unfolds, events bring them closer and closer to one another. And finally Ask has to ask her the question that has been hanging in the air: Did you ever kiss a boy?

Grand Prix du Court Métrage, Valenciennes 1999
Best short film, Best B&W Shortfilm, Cork 1999
Best short film, Dresden 1999
Best short film, Bamberg 1999

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