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Those who live in silence, condone. Those who whisper, lie. Those who scream are not heard.

SVT (Swedish National Television) 2006

2×90 mins

cast: Pernilla August, Anders Ekborg, Lia Boysen, Lena Nyman, Fredrik, Nilsson, Per Oscarsson, Margreth Weivers, Etienne Glaser, Dag Malmberg, Kåre Mölder, Eva Milesson, Åsa Bodin Karlsson, Tova Magnusson-Norling

Anna, a school teacher with a drinking problem (Pernilla August) wakes up one morning to discover the a murdered 16-year-old boy on her bedroom floor. She has no memories of the previous night, but is imprisoned for the murder. Her brother Tommy (Anders Ekborg), the local policeman refuses to believe that she is guilty and starts investigating the case on his own. Soon an evil chain of criminal events are unraveled. It seems a secret society of pedophiles are behind the murder and the closer Tommy and Anna get to the truth, the darker it gets. It seems not a single  friendly face in the small town can be trusted. The real murderers have no mercy upon those who are brave enough to seek the truth and more people will die before it is unraveled.


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Jan 172012



24 part drama. Each episode 45 mins.

Satyric realism, what happened to the perfectly safe, perfectly even, perfectly happy dream of Sweden? What started in the 1970 is beginning to rot. This popular series was a portray of real people in real lives in a real suburb where almost everyone is genuinely miserable.

Cast: Frederik Nilsson, Carina M. Johansson, Frida Bergesen, Susan Taslimi, Boris Glibusic, Robin Stegmar.

Original Writers Mats Kjelbye, Sara Kadefors

Broadcast Tuesdays 21:00 on National Television, with two re-runs.

Part 10-12 aired January 2005. Directed by Maria von Heland.

An SVT Drama Production
Language Swedish

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