England! (2001) poster


Director: Achim von Borries

Achim von Borries, Karin Aström, Maria von Heland

Ivan Shvedoff, Merab Ninidze and Anna Geislerová


Valeri Sikorski knows from his doctors that his days are numbered because of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He wants to make a last adventure in his life and goes to England, but first he stops in Berlin to pick up his best friend Victor. But Victor has disappeared. Now Valeri’s journey turns into a search for his old friend Victor.

Adolf Grimme Awards, Germany 2003

Brussels European Film Festival 2001
Best Actor: Ivan Shvedoff

Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema 2000
Audience Award Achim von Borries
Award of the Ecumenical Jury Achim von Borries
Don Quixote Award Achim von Borries
Promotional Award Achim von Borries

Festróia – Tróia International Film Festival, 2001
Tróia Award – First Works Section Achim von Borries

German Film Critics Association Awards
2002 Won German Film Critics Award
Best Cinematography
Jutta Pohlmann
Best Screenplay (Bestes Drehbuch)
Achim von Borries
Karin Aström
Maria von Heland

Max Ophüls Festival
Year Result Award 2001
Nominated Max Ophüls Award Achim von Borries

Prix Europa 2001
Prix Europa

Trieste Film Festival, 2001
Prize Trieste Achim von Borries