A 6-Pack Production for German Television WDR, 1999

Genre Thriller

Produced by Dom Film, Susanne Dietz

Directed by Maria von Heland

Written by Mani Beckmann, Mathias Dinter, and Maria von Heland

Camera Bernd Fischer

Peter Lohmeyer
Amanda Ooms

Ingo Hasselbach
Anna Böttcher
Theresa Harder
Barbara Philipp
Blixa Bargeld
Dieter Laser.


After Martin Lamm’s wife Esther announces that she hired someone to kill him, the famous writer’s life changes rapidly. Just hours later Esther is at the bottom of the river and Martin is on the run from a syndicate of killers together with his new love, Kia – until just recently a killer herself.

Kia’s and Martin’s pasts flash before them as the syndicate, Kia’s cold blooded ex-boyfriend, and Martin’s furious father-in-law chase them to the city. Finally, the lovers decide there’s only one way out: To die before they’re killed. But nothing is what it seems to be. Martin isn’t the writer, Kia isn’t the killer and the real question is: Who’s story is Esther typing from the depth of the river?

Recycled is a thriller-grothesque – A game with love, life, death, time and money.

Nomination: Shooting Star, Baden-Baden 2000

This is a YouTube video with the title song Blixa wrote for the film, which we recorded with Amanda Ooms and Blixa singing.

Nomination: SHOOTING STAR, Maria von Heland/Recycled Baden,Baden Germany 2000